Securing regulatory compliance for our members

On March 31st 2022 the UK Food Standards Agency updated their list of CBD products that are allowed to remain on the market. All the applications submitted by our members made it on to that list. This represents a staggering 69% of all successful applications.

Bespoke consultancy service

Our consultancy team is experienced in cannabinoid chemistry (including CBD and other plant derived cannabinoids), manufacturing, regulatory and related analytical methodology. They support our members with their critical business requirements.

ACI technical consultancy includes

Introduction to novel foods dossier requirements

Customer checklist reviewed and signed off by ACI

Gap analysis based on checklist results

Definition of project timeline and approval

Full review of each section on completion

Advice on identifying partners for stability testing and advice on identifying partners for product testing

Formulation-specific risk assessment guidance

Guidance on:

Stability data protocols

Specification controls

Supply chain visibility HACCP, GACP and other critical control points

Guidance on data generation, such as toxicological data or ADME studies

Overall risk assessment & risk mitigation plan guidance

Toxicological data

In February 2020 the UK Food Standards Agency set out a new deadline for the CBD industry to apply for European Union safety evaluations known as a “novel foods authorisation” and also provided consumption guidelines to consumers. They set a deadline for all products on the market prior to 13 February 2020 to submit a novel foods application to them by 31 March 2021.

Products that were not on the market prior to 13 February 2021 require a full novel foods authorisation from the FSA to be sold in the UK.

To assist our members in producing the necessary scientific dossiers for their novel foods applications ACI launched a CBD safety study to generate the required data. The novel foods dossiers linked to this study were submitted on 16 February 2021.

The data generated through this study can help your company enter the lucrative UK and European markets.

Reports and papers

White Paper: Cannabis in the UK

The UK’s market for consumer CBD products will be worth nearly £690 million ($1 billion) in 2021. This makes the UK the world’s second largest market for consumer CBD after the US. In this free white paper you’ll learn the requirements to enter this lucrative market.