Are you facing challenges meeting the FSA’s requirements to legally sell cannabinoid extracts? ACI can help.

69% of applications on FSA’s public CBD list are linked to the ACI consortium, become a member and be part of this success.

The UK has the world’s most developed robust regulatory framework for legal cannabinoids. This market is estimated to be worth £690 million ($1 billion) in 2021, making it the second largest in the world after the US.

Representation – We represent our members at the highest level so their voice is heard and a favourable regulatory environment exists. 

Data – Cost-effective access to toxicological data required to gain novel foods authorisation from FSA (UK) and EFSA (EU). We have ensured that all of our members gained the Novel Foods validation necessary to stay in the UK market.

Technical consultancy – Our team of industry experts offer bespoke consultancy solutions to support our members.

Medicinal cannabis support – Through our sister organisation The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis.

ACI offers

Who should join?

If you are already established or looking to enter the UK’s legal cannabinoid market ACI membership can benefit you.

ACI offers solutions for raw material suppliers, manufacturers, brands, retailers and others operating in this space.

Our partnership with the ACI has been crucial to the success of our novel foods application
Andy Duckworth
CEO & Founder, Naturecan, UK
When we want to know how the CBD industry is evolving we turn to the ACI. There is no equal
Jeremy Dalton
Business Development Director,
iX Syrinx, Australia

Introduction to ACI

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Membership requirements can vary depending on which services you require to enter the UK market. 

Please provide some details about your business and one of our team will contact you to arrange a call with an ACI expert. This way we can give you an accurate quotation. See ACI membership key benefits

What our members are saying

ACI help ensure our products remain fully legal and regulatory compliant in the UK
Regan Saveall
CEO, Dragonfly Biosciences, UK
ACI have been invaluable in guiding us through the novel food application process, highly recommended
Andy Duckworth
CEO & Founder, Naturecan, UK