ACI Welcomes FSA’s Guidance on CBD Novel Foods Application Requirements

London, 24 September 2020 – The ACI today welcomes the guidance issued by the Food Standards Agency today which fully validates our consortium approach to generating toxicology safety study data for novel foods applications for CBD in line with the requirements of the Government Committee on Toxicity.

We acknowledge reference to advice that applicants should consult the EFSA’s guidance on “the usual application process for all novel foods”. This process includes the details of a 90 day rodent safety study (OECD408). ACI’s Safety Study Consortia will undertake the necessary studies as stipulated by EFSA. Our group application means that it will keep the necessary animal use to a minimum and reduce costs for participating companies.

The FSA also highlights that any application must include details of the toxicology studies undertaken “with clear details of the reasoning for these particular tests”. They also stress that “Without such information it is unlikely we will be able to validate an application.”

This reinforces ACI’s understanding that the FSA will not validate anything that does not have the relevant evidence. The FSA have confirmed this to the ACI in our meetings.

For your chance to question ACI’s experts please join our Safety Study webinar tomorrow.

On 25 September 2020, the ACI held a Safety Study Consortium Webinar. Watch the webinar here.

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