[Video] CBD 2021: The UK Opportunity

CBD: Pathway to legal compliance

On 31 March 2021, guidelines set by the UK Foods Standards Agency (FSA) will come into effect and transform the CBD market, which is projected to be worth £1billion by 2025.

From the 1st of April 2021 any finished CBD food product sold in the UK must be covered by a validated novel foods application. Due to the cost and complexity of attaining this validation many small players will suddenly find their products are no longer legal.

This offers a particular opportunity for companies who are committed to meeting food safety standards criteria set by the FSA. In this 9 minutes long video you will learn from the experts in this space.

This video features the following experts (in order of appearence).

  • Dr Andy Yates | Pharmacy Lead, ACI
  • Dr Parveen Bhatarah | Regulatory and Compliance Lead, ACI 
  • Dr Adela Williams | Partner, Arnold & Porter
  • Dr Paul Duffy | Toxicology Associate, ACI
  • Leila Simpson | Innovation Director, ACI

ACI: your partner in the UK CBD industry

The Association for the Cannabinoid Industry (ACI) is a membership organisation committed to a safe, legal and well regulated cannabinoid market in the UK.

We work closely with regulators in the UK to ensure we are well versed in the legal obligations for companies in this space. We’re helping our members keep their products on the market in 2021 with initiatives such as our CBD safety study consortium which has made headlines around the world.

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