The ACI is pleased to announce a partnership with The CBD podcast by ReLeaf

ReLeaf offers educational and informative content about CBD. 

The partnership commences with an interview with members of The ACI’s Regulatory and Compliance Unit, which is headed up by Dr Parveen Bhatarah. The team, which includes several new hires, ensures that our members are fully compliant with laws relating to cannabinoids.

From top left, The ACI’s Dr Parveen Bhatarah, Isabel Alber and Marc Burbidge who were featured in the latest episode of CBD ReLeaf.

This week’s podcast consists of an interview with The ACI’s Dr Parveen Bhatarah, Isabel Alber and Marc Burbidge.

They discuss the importance of the work CBD companies need to do, in order to stay on the market after the FSA’s 31st March 2021 deadline, to have a validated novel foods application for each of their products. The discussion covered the ACI’s timeline of work which demonstrates how essential it is that CBD companies start this work now. 

They also covered our recently launched novel foods CBD safety consortium and gave some specific examples of why this work is necessary as well as highlighting the commercial advantage brands gain from participating. 

The deadline for CBD brands to join the consortium is 7th of July 2020.

The ACI looks forward to future collaborations with ReLeaf in the coming months.

For in depth discussions with The ACI and all things CBD subscribe to The CBD podcast by ReLeaf.