Herbotany Health: The CBD brand leading the way on sustainability

Looking for a sustainable CBD brand? Herbotany Health co-founders Danny and Paul had many thoughtful conversations on the concept of sustainability before launching their own wellness range fuelled by hemp.

Inspired by Paul’s 30 years’ experience in the recycling sector, Danny and Paul delved into the environmental benefits of hemp.

This grew into an unwavering passion, driving the friends to start their own eco-friendly hemp company. Soon after, Herbotany Health emerged to cater towards the rising demand for sustainable CBD wellness goods.

Together, they set out to create high quality, functional, premium CBD products known for their efficacy and sustainability.

The team at Herbotany Health, based in Hertfordshire, operates on a plant-to-planet promise. The co-founders say this involves monitoring the brand’s impact on the environment throughout the supply chain and evolving overtime.

This starts on the ground at the hemp farm where their organic CBD extract is sourced. The policy extends as far as the disposal of the product by the consumer.

The brand also benefits from having a master in environmental policy and Fulbright Scholar on the environmental life cycle of hemp on the team.

We’re not just doing this as a trend, but because it runs deep in our value system

Danny Purton, Herbotany Health co-founder.

“We’re not just doing this as a trend, but because it runs deep in our value system,” explains Danny Purton, Herbotany Health co-founder. “We know we can make change in consumption patterns from inside manufacturing, so that consumers can make a choice to vote with their wallet and know they are doing the right thing.” 

Essentials for sustainable CBD brands

Danny says innovation in sustainability is constantly evolving. He adds that small changes, such as swapping out plastic bottles for the glass variety, can have a positive impact.

“There are a few things you can do as a brand to become more sustainable. We employ local workforces from traditionally more impoverished areas.

“All of our primary ingredients are sourced within a hyper localized distance to our facilities. This means transportation impacts like fuel, mileage and infrastructure load are minimized.

“At a manufacturing level, we rely on geothermal energy and LED lighting to power the facility. We minimize our use of virgin plastic by using glass instead and we use organic practices wherever possible.”

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