At this exclusive ACI member event held at the RSA in London and presented by market intelligence company Kantar we deep-dove into UK CBD consumer behaviour. 

Kantar has continuous access to real time shopper data through their network of 100,000 consumers who upload all their receipts to Kantar’s app. This gives them unparalleled access to quantifiable data on consumer behaviour; which products they buy, when they buy, where they buy from, demographics of CBD shoppers and more.

In this webinar, ACI members learnt trends pre and post pandemic and how CBD consumer habits changed in relation to other buying habits. They also got the chance to ask Tom about the insights they have generated or could generate on request.

This webinar was the perfect opportunity for us to introduce Kantar to our members and for them to learn how powerful this partnership will be for their organisations.

Tom Mitchell, Consumer Insight Director, Kantar

About Tom 

Tom’s primary focus is on understanding UK shopping behaviour and applying this expertise to inspire growth for his clients’ business. With his background in advanced analytics with FMCG giants, he works today with a broad client portfolio covering suppliers, retailers, and membership associations across a range of industries in the UK consumer market.

At the ACI conference, Tom will illustrate the key UK shopping behaviour insights that have emerged throughout the pandemic to help members identify opportunities and strategies to plan for the UK CBD market.