First FSA on-the-record comments on new CBD products

Since the FSA Public List of CBD products was published on 31 March there has been considerable media coverage regarding its content.

Much of the focus has been on companies claiming that despite not being on the list they can remain on the market because they are supplied by a company which has products on the list. 

The Grocer has today released an article covering this issue in detail. 

It includes the first on-the-record quotes from the FSA regarding the status of suppliers of branded products launched since 12 February 2022 including Cellular Goods who have been the focus of a significant amount of media attention. 

The FSA Statement
“We have advised local authorities to take a proportionate approach to enforcement against CBD products and we understand it may take time for the market to reduce and for certain products to be removed from circulation.”

“[Cellular Goods] had not provided evidence that their products were on the market before 13 February 2020. Any products not on sale before February 2020 are not eligible for the public list”.

“[white label products sold before 13 February 2020] cannot be rebranded after the cut-off date until the product is authorised”.

FSA’s position on excluded brands who have an ongoing application, say they have met all requirements, or hope to be added soon, is the same as for all others absent from the list. “We are advising that products not on the list should be removed from sale.”

Read the full article on The Grocer – What’s next for the 120 CBD brands not on the FSA’s list?

The ACI are in continuous contact with the FSA, Trading Standards and local authorities and will be issuing a statement from our founders next week regarding the status of the listFor more information about all aspects of CBD, regulatory requirements and the support the ACI can offer please see our membership page or call (+44) 0800 310 1054.