CBD: coming to a TV screen near you
A woman is pictured taking CBD oil in the mouth

This week, UK-based CBD company, British Cannabis celebrates the launch of a television advert campaign for its premium flagship range of supplements and cosmetics, CBD by BRITISH CANNABIS™ 

The campaign comes as part of a £500,000 investment from British Cannabis towards increased brand awareness and a consumer recruitment campaign for 2022/23.

The advert, produced by independent firm The TV Agency, will feature across key Sky and Channel 5 stations, targeting the core ABC1 category of 45 year olds and over.

​​The product manufacturer says the campaign is set in the style of a ‘classic health and beauty advert,’ adding that ‘the creative aims to break down barriers to legal cannabis-derived products, gaining approval to make more industry-specific references than any campaign to date.’

This is the second venture into mainstream TV advertising for the UK CBD powerhouse, following the success of 2020’s national campaign for affordable low-price CBD range, Access CBD™.

British Cannabis shared the advert on their LinkedIn profile and can be seen below.

Managing Director, David Ralson, celebrated the advert launch by saying:

“This is a monumental moment for our industry, as this is the first fully-approved TV advert to use ‘cannabis industry’ terminology, including iconography of the industrial Cannabis sativa L. plant itself, reference to our 100% Cannabis formulas and real-life consumers using our products.

“We are tremendously proud to have achieved this, not just for our customers and stakeholders, but also to open doors for the wider cannabis sector by breaking barriers and bringing cannabis consumer products ever closer to the mainstream.” 

Earlier this month, the range of CBD oils, full-plant oral capsules, CBD Dermal Patches and CBD Rescue Cream launched on eBay UK, making the company one of the first to debut on the platform.

CBD by BRITISH CANNABIS™ is a rebrand of the pharmacy product line, Canabidol. 

Marketing Director, Steve Batchelor, believes the TV campaign demonstrates that it is possible to advertise CBD products in a mainstream fashion, despite the limitations, defined by MRHA and ASA in making any claims of health benefits. 

“Whilst the CBD consumer base has grown steadily for the last half-decade and with a lot of market hype in recent years, it has by contrast been very difficult to talk frankly about CBD products in traditional advertising mediums, due to obvious issues.

“Responsible companies in the industry have needed to steer clear of health claims. The discussion of cannabis-based products in advertising to date has needed to stay necessarily vague – most companies have needed to advertise without actually saying much about the products themselves.” 

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