When: 16:00 BST, Friday 25th September
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: Free

With just 6 months to go before the FSA’s deadline for all CBD products to have a valid novel foods application the ACI have confirmation from the FSA on what data needs to be included in your dossier.

See Critical novel foods update: FSA Confirms that Valid CBD Novel Foods Applications Must Include Toxicology Safety Study Data for more details on this.

This event has ended. Thanks to all those who attended.

Event recording

This free webinar explores the implications of FSA’s recent clarifications regarding CBD and what it means for CBD companies in the UK. It also covers how ACI’s CBD Safety Study Consortium can help companies keep their products on the market after FSA’s 31 March 2021 deadline.

Dr Parveen Bhatarah, Head of ACI Regulatory and Compliance Unit
Dr Paul Duffy, ACI in-house Toxicologist
Moyra Cosgrove, Head of Nutrition and External Affairs, Naturecan
Shomi Malik, Development Director, ACI
Marc Burbidge, Development and Quality Lead, ACI
Yasmin Hutchings, Membership Secretary, ACI

Bill Griffin, Media Lead, ACI