The cannabis arena is a lucrative market if you have the right tools and know-how; on 28 April 2021 industry participants tuned in to hear from three experts on how to successfully navigate this sector.

IT IS FORECAST that by 2025, the hemp-derived CBD global market will be worth £12.3 billion (Brightfield Group).

However, as you’ll no doubt be aware, entering this category successfully comes with formidable challenges, including sourcing high quality cannabinoids, proving that your product is genuinely CBD-infused, traceability, compliance and, of course, standing out in a competitive market, to name just a few.

With failure resulting in potentially costly consequences, you will want to choose an experienced guide to help you on this journey – a companion familiar with the destination because they helped pave the path.

During this session, three cannabis experts offered their valued insight and advice into supply chains, innovation, safety and quality to ensure you’re equipped with the most up to date knowledge of how to navigate this demanding and exciting market.

This indispensable roadmap for success, delivered by experts that not only have extensive knowledge of CBD, but also helped to found and pioneer the industry.

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